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The Spanish cities and towns are breathtakingly beautiful and offer really old monuments and futuristic architecture. Spain has amazing climate and is truly a very fascinating country! It is an extremely popular location and has a lot more to offer than its fantastic beaches and abundant sunshine. The Spanish bullfights and Flamenco music and dance are famous worldwide. Spain is a truly a beautiful country and is definitely one of Europe’s cultural centers. It is the holiday destination of a many a dream come true for all those who badly need a vacation.

Best of Spain: Madrid and Barcelona

Madrid is the capital of Spain and it is the most popular destination in Spain. Great art galleries, fine restaurants, night clubs and live music are the main attractions in Madrid. Barcelona on the other hand offers a different experience. This cosmopolitan city has great beaches and Gothic architectures in bizarre forms. It is a city filled with art, architecture and style.

Spanish architecture

Best of spain architecture

The cultural palette of Spain has no parallel. Spain is a treasure chest of fine architectural marvels and artistic talent. The monuments and historical buildings are beautiful and have been constructed to perfection. It contains Muslim palaces, roman relics, baroque cathedrals and also modern constructions. The best of Spanish architecture can be seen in Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao.

Spanish Art

Spanish artists were greatly talented and played important roles in various European artistic movements. Spanish museums are very popular and house some of the finest pieces of art, which have been declared masterpieces by experts all over the world.

Bullfighting in Spain

Best of Spain bull fighting

Bullfighting is one of the traditions in Spain and millions of visitors flock to Spain to catch this spectacular show. The Matador will fight the bull and finish it off with his sword. A great place to watch bullfighting will be in Madrid.

Spanish Flamenco Dances

Spanish music is synonymous to Flamenco, which is a west Andalusia music genre and is not exactly popular in any other region of the world. The guitar originates from Spain and so do the bagpipes. Spanish dances are popular worldwide.

Spanish Night Clubs

Spain has the best of clubs in Europe and all those who love partying and dancing the night away frequent these clubs. The Spanish bullfights are popular worldwide. Most tourists visit Spain just to witness the bullfight.

Spanish Cuisine

Spanish food is absolutely delicious and mouth watering. Seafood is quite common owing to the several water bodies that surround the country.

Spanish beaches and Parks

Spain has several exotic and fantastic beaches. It is a perfect holiday spot and is the best place to be for all those who need a beach vacation. Spain also has several beautiful parks, which are breathtaking, and tourists love visiting the Spanish parks.

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